A warm welcome to yet another long overdue overhaul of my website! A lot has changed. The world. My home base. Myself. At least I hope I have. Otherwise this would have been sad waste of nearly three years of continuously crawling out of my skin.

I've made a couple of more films. One of them isn't even half bad. The other, well, let's not open that particular can of worms ... it has its moments. And I am sure someone will get a bit of showreel material out of it. The good news: I have now moved on to documentaries. Well, for the viewers that's good. And for me, I guess. But all joking aside: After working on a feature documentary for over three years I have found it to be a suprisingly gratifying experience and have come to love the process ... and I am rather chuffed that I can now add 'documentary filmmaker' to my CV.

Run the World

Who I am

So who am I? I am a Germany-based, people-pleasing misanthrope who originally trained as an actor with addiditional writing classes as extracurricular work. Originally, an absolute zealot when it came to theatre, I am now an absolute and uncompromising film lover.

With that said, I have to admit that I do still produce theatre on occasion with an upcoming production later in 2023. When it comes to theatre I am normally the money person.

You can find out about the things I am up to on the individual pages for writing, directing and other filthy Germany words.