As I writer I started out in the theatre, writing the programmes for the English-speaking fringe group "NATO! - Not Another Theatrical Organisation!" as well as the "Two Ladies" dinner theatre ensemble and later modern cross media adaptations of Shakespeare's classics for Wooden O Bremen's TIE programme "Shakespeare for Dummies". Subsequently I wrote sketch comedy and later shorts and features, most of which I should probably not mention. My most recent works include "Leftovers" (2014), "For Richer or Poorer" (2015) as well as "Synchronize" as well as the feature-length "A Little Soul" (in development).
I have developed several sitcoms open for grabs, such as "Bottle Rockets", "Welcome to the Java Dungeon" and "For Richer or Poorer" as well as developing "Die perfekte Welle" (Crest of a Wave), a genre series.
And then there are some feature-length scripts open for grabs, such as "Soliloquy", a psychological drama dealing with sleep depravation.

The G.O. cross media production Writers Room is currently developing a cross media programme titled "Die wahren Hausfrauen von Habenhausen" (The True Housewives of Habenhausen) and I serve as head writer.


My directorial credits can also mainly be found in the theatre, however, I have served as an acting coach on several productions and helped create corporate films. Film projects I have directed until now include "Blame it on Yoko Ono" (a disaster of a web series you will not find online, no matter how hard you try), "Leftovers", "For Richer or Poorer", "Synchronize" and a number of corporate clips.


For G.O. cross media production I mainly serve as line producer, however, I do support other projects as a creative producer and consulting producer.

Stage Projects

I spent 15 years in TIE as well as fringe theatre, both as writer/director as well as an actor. My directorial references include "Draußen vor der Tür" by Wolfgang Borchert, William Shakespeare's "The Tragedy of Macbeth" as well as Stuart Browne's "Dancing Bears".

At the moment I am developing the cross media performance project "The Benign Revolution".