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Welcome... bien....uhm, yes, let's skip that. My name is Cedar and I act, write, teach things you don't need to know and do other things that got lost in translation. Feel free to have a look around my site.

Behind the scenes of a recent project ...

For Richer or Poorer

"It is 1998 and while Gerhard Schröder and Helmuth Kohl are busy campaigning, a professional daughter and a blocked artist's paths keep crossing. After yet another fight with her father our heroine decides to have a cup of tea with our street-performing hero, only to wake up in Denmark married to said street performer two days later. When the two meet their respective in-laws, things start going downhill at phenomenal speed." .
Originally developed as a sitcom, the comedic short 'Minus x Minus' (For Richer or Poorer) completed photography in March 2015 and is currently being edited. It was realised by Cedar D. Wolf (Director) and Björn Kurtenbach (Director of Photography) and its main cast included Simon Kase, Vivienne Kaarow, Birgit Corinna Lange and Ulrich Faßnacht.


The Road to Nirvana

The feature-length comedy-drama The Road to Nirvana was written by yours truly and is to be my first feature. The film lets us join two oddly-matched friends on a moped trip from East Anglia to northern Germany. A demo reel was produced in 2013 and introduces us to the world of our two protagonists.
UK-based producer Kasia Skibinska of Cassiopeia Pictures Limited has joined forces with G.O. cross media production GmbH and long-time collaborator Thomas Loos will serve as DoP.


Outtakes For Richer or Poorer

If you do understand some German, you can enjoy a 'For Richer or Poorer' blooper reel created by our 1st AD:

Bloopers FROP

Outtakes Synchronize

... and here's another one I came up with (also in German):

Bloopers Sync